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Siteground’s Anti Bot ‘AI’ maybe costing you traffic

Siteground’s Anti Bot ‘AI’ maybe costing you traffic

Just fyi out there Siteground the popular web host touts that they have an advanced AI running a very accurate anti spam/bot blocking service. What I can tell you is that at work I get their annoying captcha whenever I land on a page hosted by them.

Webmasters, I work for a company with thousands of office workers. I can’t imagine how many other false positives this so called AI is generating by a sloppy system. For reference, cloudflares similar filtering system never triggers on at work.

Check out the blog page that Siteground setup where webmasters mention that they themselves are getting blocked from their own domains! And look at the flippant responses the support staff respond with, back which almost all blame the user and claim their system is nearly flawless. I can tell you from experience that it’s not and that it is substantially more wrong than any other system out there. Beware if you just switched hosting to them and noticed a drop in ad impressions.

Be Careful about Changing Domain Names [8 Months Later]

Be Careful about Changing Domain Names [8 Months Later]

This year I swapped over one of my domain names to a new name that would better signify what the website was about. It hasn’t gone over very well. All the posts I read were saying that everything would be a temporary hit and bounce back after a few months.

Overall traffic the month after stayed relatively steady as everything appear under the old domain’s listings. After a month, my rankings took a hit and declined about half.

This is a lot more than any website warned me about and I thought about reverting, but I decided to press onwards.

It’s now 8 months later, and traffic has bumped back up. I’m not where I was before. Right now, traffic is down about 25%, which is ok.

Things I didn’t Anticipate

Adsense now requires you to reapply for new domain names. This process took about a month to complete. For some reason my RPM after the domain name change is about half of my old RPM, so overall with my decline in traffic, I’m earning about 40% of my previous revenue. That’s a decline of 60%. Oooffff…

My old site still shows up in the index. I have no idea why.

Don’t buy a forum or web community

Don’t buy a forum or web community

I just have to write this. I’ve been a part of another community that was bought by some starry eyed investor who had no business buying a forum.

  1. The CMS running a website + forum can be daunting for a non-technical owner. If you’re thinking that you can just keep everything stationary and it will keep working beware.
  2. If the website was founded around a charismatic founder, and they’re selling to you. DO NOT PAY FULL PRICE. A lot of the people on that forum will have been there because of the founder, and if you don’t fill in a similar role they’re going to eventually start leaving as it gets boring.
  3. Web stats can be juiced by the person selling you the site especially if they have an existing network. If they pull support, you’re going to lose an important entry funnel.
A site I used to go to that got bought out by an investor. Apparently the new buyer can’t even keep a wordpress running for 8 months?!?!!?
Using a Wildcard Selector (*) in CSS and Excluding Some Tags

Using a Wildcard Selector (*) in CSS and Excluding Some Tags

You might run into the situation where a plug-in, theme or your own design requires you to have a wild card selector in your CSS to set all of your elements to a certain format. So you might see something like this:

* { /* Some CSS in here */}

But there might be a certain tag that you need to exclude because your wild card has had unexpected interactions with the rest of your design.

A quick and dirty fix is that, you can exclude entire tags from your wild card with a not statement used like if I wanted to exclude all spans:

*:not(span) { /* Some CSS in here */}

This will exclude spans from the wild card and whatever other tags or elements you may want to include in it. You can also go and add additional lines of CSS to style those tags correctly or rework your design so that you don’t need a blanket wild card.