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Build a Website

Welcome to, a beginner's guide to building a website.
Outline to Building a Website:
  • Planning your website : The first steps to building your website are to figure out what it about, how it's going to work, and how you want it to look.
  • Creating your website : A brief overview on finding a web host, coding and a list of supplies.
    • Text Coding or WYSIWYG : The Pro's and Con's of Text Coding and WYSIWYG editors.
    • WYSIWYG Editors : Descriptions of the major WYSIWYG editors, including Dreamweaver and Go Live!
    • Text Code Editors : I recommend using Arachnophilia 4.0 to edit HTML and CSS files.
    • Learning HTML : This is practically a required step to becoming a webmaster of any worth. Even if you plan on using Dreamweaver or Frontpage, you should still learn some HTML.
      • Build a Website's HTML Tutorial : My very own HTML tutorial. It covers most of the basic commands as well as frames and tables.
      • Other HTML Tutorials : A mini-directory to other HTML tutorials that I find useful.
      • CSS Tutorials : Another mini-directory, this one of CSS tutorials and resources that are useful.
  • Finding a Web host : A guide to finding a web host.
    • Free or Paid : An article outlining a few of the differences between free and paid web hosting.
    • Features : Explains what many of the features that your web host offers accually do.
    • Domain Names : Explains how to register a domain name.
    • Short URLS : Features information about Short URLs and free domains as well as a glossary of useful terms regarding the subject.
      • Short URLS/Free Domain names : Includes a guide to learning how to use short URLs, and information about Short URLs.
      • URL Snippers : A short article on what URL snippers do, and how to use them best.
    • Uploading your website : A guide with introductions to uploading files via your browser and via FTP to the internet.
      • FTP Clients : Short reviews of various FTP clients.
      • How to FTP : A guide to using a FTP client (program) to upload a website to the internet. I used SmartFTP in this tutorial.
    • Getting Visitors : Information about getting people to go to your website.
      • Search Engines : Information about the major and minor seach engines.
      • Major Directories : Brief descriptions of the major web directories.
      • Basic SEO : Just some basic information about search engine optimization (SEO)
        • Submitting to Directories : A guide to efficently submitting to directories.
        • Forums : Forums and websites to learn about SEO.
  • Making Money
    • Publishing Banner Ads : Information about putting banner advertisements on your website to make money.
    • Google Adsense: An informational article about Google Adsense.

News on Build a Website

10/7/05 It has been a bad month for Build a Website. Netrillium hosting shut-us down because they lost our payment, jerks. Then I forgot to upload half the site. I promise everything will improve. In the next coming year, Build a Website will become more education-centric. Meaning more quizes, more tutorials, more resources.

8/10/05 Re-did front page to make it more like a guide.

7/9/05 Re-did the navigation, I hope it's okay. Everything is categorized by topic, then by importance.

7/7/05 A new day a new design. Hope you like it. I've been feeling like a minimalist lately.

3/24/05 Web statistics section is finished. Sorry a few things came up so it took a lot longer than expected.

2/20/05 I'm working on a multi-page section, on web traffic statistics, which is taking longer than expected. It should be done by the end of this week. :) Also in about 2 more months (long wait eh?) I'll have a review of both Sonata Web Hosting and CirtexHosting.

1/27/05 Due to the fact that V7inc's webhosting business has been bought out, I have decided to move the site to CirtexHosting. If you see this message the domain name servers have resolved. :)

1/25/05 Adding new content sorry for the massive delays. :) I'll try to keep adding 1+ articles a week.

7/17 Migrating Build A Website to

10/1 I'm converting the entire site into XHTML coding at the moment.

8/13 Well Build A Website is finished, finally! In case you're wondering... Build A Website will probably stay as a sub-domain of CNW because the .com, .net and .info ones are taken.

8/5/03 Well August 4th passed and the website's still not finished. Feel free to read everything that is finished though.

**Pre-Opening News**

7/24 Changed the layout it looks a little more crisp in my opinion.

7/13 You might think it's a little odd for me to be typing in updates for Build a Website even though it's not live yet, but this helps me stay on track. 2 out of 5 HTML tutorials are still not done, 6/26 Well the site isn't up yet, but I'm making pages at a rate of 1 per day. I should finish Build a Website by at least the end of July. The scheduled opening of the site is scheduled for August 3.

6/25 The web hosting section is finally finished. I'm also building a glossary for people to use. Don't be surprised if the glossary isn't up when the web site goes live.

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