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Adding Music to Your Xanga

This guide will thoroughly describe the way to add music (MP3, wav, and midi) to your Xanga. The following steps were written only with Xanga users in mind, so these instructions probably won't work with a different blog host.

Getting Music
First of all you'll need to find the music that you want to insert. Here are a few links to sites with some music: search engine for music files
AllTheWeb Music Search another search engine for music files

Alternatively you can use your own music by uploading it to a server. This is, in my opinion the best way, since you don't steal bandwidth from anyone.
For more information on finding a free web host.

Finding the URL of the Music File
When you find the song that you want to play, right-mouse click the link (Mac users, just hold the mouse button down) that leads to the music file. Then when that little menu pops-up, go click on "Copy Link Location." Next, open up a word or text document and the click on the document, then press the “Ctrl” button and the letter “V” at the same time. Now you're done with that. Remember to keep that document open because that URL is the URL of the music that you want to play on your Xanga.

Adding it to your Xanga
Next, log into your Xanga.

Then look at the left-hand sidebar where is says “Edit.” Now look for the link that says “Look & Feel,” click on it. Note: You'll have to re-login, for security reasons.

Finally scroll down to the “Music”section.

In the “Music:” field put the URL of the music that you want to play. Also you may want to test the URL, just to make sure you got it right. Do remember that some websites block other websites from linking to their images or music files.

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