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Free Web Hosts

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Introduction on Free Web Hosts

Need help finding a free web host? There are literally thousands of them around. Some are small and only offer web hosting to members of their online community other are gigantic and give anyone automatic web hosting. Some have free templates or built-in drop and drag, WYSIWYG editors to help you make your own website without knowing a single command of HTML. There usually is a catch of some sort. Some web hosts place advertisements on your page in the form of pop-ups, pop-unders, and banners. Other hosts may spam your email address to oblivion. This article was written to help you sift through the spam and help you find the most fitting web host for you.

If you don’t feel going through all the steps to find a free host I recommend They give you 100 megabytes of space, it’s enough, FTP and a few preinstalled scripts, including a message board and/or guestbook.

4 Steps to choosing a good free web host

1. Use the Power Search at Choose all of the options that you want or think you might need then search. Don’t be too picky or else nothing might come up. Remember these are FREE hosts should you shouldn’t expect them to give you everything that a paid host might offer.

2. If you get a few results from the search choose one of the hosts then look at the host’s reviews and ratings. Read all of the reviews available. You might learn something useful about the host, if you don’t like what you see scroll down to ‘Checking out the host’s background.’

3. If the ratings seemed okay then go sign up for a website. Some of the hosts screen their applicants so take your while time filling out the sign-up form. Oh and ALWAYS use a junk email address whenever you sign up for a host. Some of the hosts sell your email address to email spammers.

3. IIf all goes well put up your site. Repeat all the previous 4 steps if you find out that the host has massive pop-up attacks or spams your email address.

Checking out the free web host’s background

A lot of hosts have used under-handed tactics to make a profit. They should be able to make a profit but some of the things that they do are just wrong. If any of the hosts don’t pass one of the following tests then don’t use them.

1. Read their TOS ( Terms of Service ) and Privacy Policy. Carefully scan though the whole thing and make sure that they mention that they have something about keeping your email address private.

2. Do an AllTheWeb or Google search on the host. Check if they have negative feedback from former users.

3. Check out a site that is hosted by them, or sign up with false information and put up a dummy web page. The website spawns a bunch of pop-ups ( more than 2-3 ) just leave.

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