Text Editors

Text Editors

Before you become a full fledged Webmaster you need a good text/HTML editor to help you write your web pages, or you can always skip learning HTML and use one of the many new WYSIWYG editors like Wix, Webflow, or SquareSpace. You could also use a stand alone program like Dreamweaver or Frontpage as well. I personally believe that you should start off with text-coding so that you understand what is possible and structurally what is going on behind the scenes.

My favorite text editors.

This is by far my favorite text editor. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a lot of the other alternatives, but it does one syntax highlighting really well and is simple and straight-forward to use. It handles most programming languages out of the box which is nice, since in modern web-development you’re going to be jumping between several different languages to create a single website.

Get Notepad++.

I personally liked the 4.0 version much more than the current version but both of them are really good and easy to use HTML text editors. Anyways Arachnophilia highlights the HTML flags that you code in different colors so that you can tell them apart from each other. Also it can beautify or compress your HTML files. When a your HTML flags turn red, it means that you need to look for an error. Also it includes a lot of HTML commands that you only need to press a button for it to create tables, fonts, links, and a bunch of other things. The best thing about Arachnophilia is that it’s free, it’s not exactly freeware but it’s careware which is close enough.

Go to Arachnophilia’s Homepage. ( 5.1 Version )

Note: If you have a slow computer you should consider using the 4.0 verison of Arachnophilia


It’s not a bad text editor but it doesn’t have that many features. If you don’t feel like getting a more advanced editor this should do fine.

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