Short URLs: Helpful Terms

Short URLs: Helpful Terms

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Just so that you don’t get confused or just stay less confused, here are a few terms that you should know before reading on.

Cloaking/masking: As in a domain, URL or subdomain.
Essentially a cloak/mask allows someone to type into the URL bar in your web browser to get to your site, which would be at . So as long as a person stays on your site, your site will continue to be cloaked by the shortened URL. So no matter which page, or website, a visitor is at, the URL bar will always show it as . There are some problems with this since if someone tries to bookmark a page they’ll always end up on your homepage. Also if a visitor follows a link to another website from your website, when they’re visiting your website through a cloak, the cloak will stay with them.

To correctly link to another website to free your visitor from the cloak, simply add target=”_top” to all your link commands in HTML.

DNS: Domain Name System
DNS allows you to pretty much use a free sub-domain/domain exactly like you would with a real full-fledged domain. However, you must either have a web-server, or a web-hosting account that is capable of using it.

Dynamic IP:
This is something that you would use if you hosted your website from a computer in your house, with a high-speed internet connection. When a free subdomain/domain supports this you can host your site on the computer in your house and access it from the sub-domain/domain, exactly the same way as you would with any other website.

Path forwarding:
This is a newer feature that many websites that offer cloaks/masks, which essentially is an upgraded cloak, making a short URL act a little more like a real domain with real DNS. Pretty much with path forwarding you can type in, and then the cloak will bring up, and the location bar will say that it’s located at . Pretty nifty eh? The only bad part is that your website is still stuck in a cloak. So if someone visits your site though, then if they click a link, to go to say, your homepage, the URL bar will still show the location as

URL forward/redirection:
Similar to a cloak/mask, a URL forward/redirection will send a visitor to your website when they type in into the URL/location bar thing. Only with a URL forward/redirection the location bar will show the URL as instead of .