Short-URLs, URL snippers and free “domains.”

Short-URLs, URL snippers and free “domains.”

Want a shorter URL, maybe something a little less complicated and shorter than Well then, you have a few options to choose from; for example there are subdomain/domain maskers and URL snippers. Both have their individual pros and cons (depending on the service), but for the most part they are capable of many of the same services.

Helpful Terms: An explaination of a few terms that will be used in the following articles. They include: cloaking/masking, DNS, Dynamic IP, Path Forwarding, and URL forwarding/redirection.

Short-URLs and Free Domains: An article about short-URLs and free domains. Including an expanded explaination of cloaking/masking, and more indepth information about these services.

URL Snippers: A brief article about URL snippers which take long links (URLs) and make a new shorter link to the same webpage.

Quick Links Page: A mini-directory of websites listed in the previous pages.