Build a Website

Welcome to, a beginner’s guide to building a website. The website is broken into 4 simple categories: plan, create, host, and promote.

Outline to Building a Website:

  • Planning your website : The first steps to building your website are to figure out what it about, how it’s going to work, and how you want it to look.
  • Creating your website : A brief overview on finding a web host, coding and a list of supplies.
    • Text Coding or WYSIWYG : The Pro’s and Con’s of Text Coding and WYSIWYG editors.
    • Text Code Editors : I recommend using Notepad++ to edit HTML and CSS files.
    • Learning HTML : This is practically a required step to becoming a webmaster of any worth. Even if you plan on using Dreamweaver or Frontpage, you should still learn some HTML.
  • Finding a Web host : A guide to finding a web host.
    • Free or Paid : An article outlining a few of the differences between free and paid web hosting.
    • Features : Explains what many of the features that your web host offers accually do.
    • Domain Names : Explains how to register a domain name.
    • Short URLS : Features information about Short URLs and free domains as well as a glossary of useful terms regarding the subject.
      • Short URLS/Free Domain names : Includes a guide to learning how to use short URLs, and information about Short URLs.
      • URL Snippers : A short article on what URL snippers do, and how to use them best.
    • Uploading your website : A guide with introductions to uploading files via your browser and via FTP to the internet.
      • FTP Clients : Short reviews of various FTP clients.
      • How to FTP : A guide to using a FTP client (program) to upload a website to the internet. I used SmartFTP in this tutorial.
    • Getting Visitors : Information about getting people to go to your website.
      • Search Engines : Information about the major and minor seach engines.
      • Major Directories : Brief descriptions of the major web directories.
      • Basic SEO : Just some basic information about search engine optimization (SEO)
        • Submitting to Directories : A guide to efficently submitting to directories.
        • Forums : Forums and websites to learn about SEO.
  • Making Money
    • Publishing Banner Ads : Information about putting banner advertisements on your website to make money.
    • Income Percentile : Check your income percentile.
    • Google Adsense: An informational article about Google Adsense.