Be Careful about Changing Domain Names [8 Months Later]

Be Careful about Changing Domain Names [8 Months Later]

This year I swapped over one of my domain names to a new name that would better signify what the website was about. It hasn’t gone over very well. All the posts I read were saying that everything would be a temporary hit and bounce back after a few months.

Overall traffic the month after stayed relatively steady as everything appear under the old domain’s listings. After a month, my rankings took a hit and declined about half.

This is a lot more than any website warned me about and I thought about reverting, but I decided to press onwards.

It’s now 8 months later, and traffic has bumped back up. I’m not where I was before. Right now, traffic is down about 25%, which is ok.

Things I didn’t Anticipate

Adsense now requires you to reapply for new domain names. This process took about a month to complete. For some reason my RPM after the domain name change is about half of my old RPM, so overall with my decline in traffic, I’m earning about 40% of my previous revenue. That’s a decline of 60%. Oooffff…

My old site still shows up in the index. I have no idea why.

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