Siteground’s Anti Bot ‘AI’ maybe costing you traffic

Siteground’s Anti Bot ‘AI’ maybe costing you traffic

Just fyi out there Siteground the popular web host touts that they have an advanced AI running a very accurate anti spam/bot blocking service. What I can tell you is that at work I get their annoying captcha whenever I land on a page hosted by them.

Webmasters, I work for a company with thousands of office workers. I can’t imagine how many other false positives this so called AI is generating by a sloppy system. For reference, cloudflares similar filtering system never triggers on at work.

Check out the blog page that Siteground setup where webmasters mention that they themselves are getting blocked from their own domains! And look at the flippant responses the support staff respond with, back which almost all blame the user and claim their system is nearly flawless. I can tell you from experience that it’s not and that it is substantially more wrong than any other system out there. Beware if you just switched hosting to them and noticed a drop in ad impressions.

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